Micro-Theremin parts

Andrew Schrock aschrock at cs.brandeis.edu
Fri Mar 20 22:24:24 CET 1998

On Fri, 20 Mar 1998, Milliams wrote:
> I have found 2 sources so far for the 4049 IC. Radio Crap has a 4049UB for
> about $2. Mouser has a 4049CMOS for $7.60 and a surface-mount version for
> $.44!! 
> - Can anyone tell me what a "surface-mount" IC is?

Mouser also has a non-surface mount part (511-4049U) for .44. A surface
mount part is if you imagine a standard part wihout any "legs"... thus
instead of putting the legs in holes in the PC board, you solder directly
on the surface (a little tricky). They're very compact, but not really 
for use by hobbyists. Feel free to correct me if i'm wrong in my
understanding of this. 

> Mouser had the cera and ele caps. I don't think they sell resistors singley,
> but Rat Shack sells them in smaller amounts.

Nope, they sell them in singles, too, although they're $.09 when bought in
quantities of less than 100, .02 in quantities of more than 100. So buy
100 anyways if you need common values like 100k or 47k, you'll use them up

> - Is anyone else working on these things, and if so, where els to find the
> parts?

I find digikey a little better than mouser honestly.. online ordering is
quite convenient... altho for some things (knobs for example) i still go
with mouser. http://www.digikey.com. 

hope this helps. 

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