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<< Does anyone know how to get the "slapback" kind of reverb? The kind that
 hear in Sun studio records? Like Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash? I was
 to Depeche Mode's "Songs of Faith and Devotion" and they had this slapback in
 almost all of their songs. It sounded so right-on. When I worked in radio, I
 was able to get some high frequency slapback/feedback. I couldn't control the
 rate, though. I don't think this thing is spring reverb. It has to be
 something else. >>

I seem to remember reading that Sam Phillips ran the drum mics to a speaker in
the back stairwell at the studio which was then mic'd and run back to his
funky tube deck.
I guess all you need is a 10-foot concrete box, or maybe your bathtub?

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