wave multiplier

Kevin Lightner majmoog at synthfool.com
Fri Mar 20 07:47:32 CET 1998

>I worked with Serge for several years and he remains a good friend. He was
>not really into freely distributing his designs, except in the case of the
>now long departed "Synapse" magazine, in which he released the ASR (or
>analog shift register schematic) under the nom de' plume of Arpad Benares.

So THAT'S who Arpad Benares was!!

I have those Synapse issues here at the moment, courtesy of Mark Glinksy
(who was smarter than I was by not throwing them out years ago!).
I was just thinking that "Benares" had a pretty good design for a touch
plate keyboard.
Little did I know who he really was. :)


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