Another circuit for the archives....

Tony Clark clark at
Fri Mar 20 03:34:04 CET 1998

> Hi Folks, 
> Who's currently got the archives? ie Where did they go after Josh had 
> them. I've got a .GIF of the circuit of the Kawai S100F to go in. It's 
> basically ripped off Moog circuitry for the most part, but if anyone 
> can figure out how to add a +5V positive going gate input to it I would 
> welcome the chance to save 30 UKP having it done by Analogue Solutions...

   I took over the archive.  It can be found at the URL in my sig below.  
If anyone has anything they want to contribute, please feel free to email 
me gifs (preferrably in 2400 x 3000 or larger size for proper printing).
   Or if you have anything on a web page that you don't mind me adding to 
my archive, just send me the URL!


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