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Fri Mar 20 01:04:20 CET 1998

Subject: FS: SSM Chips
From: Paul Messick <paul at maxmidi.com>
Date: Wed, Mar 18, 1998 11:28 PM
Message-id: <3510AC42.5081 at maxmidi.com>

I have a few vintage Solid State Microcircuits for Music (SSM) chips for
sale. Some of these (esp. the SSM2040s) are used in SCI and other analog
synths. Prices are negotiable.

QTY	Part#		Description	Asking Price
15	SSM2015		VCA		$10.00
3	SSM2033		VCO		$10.00
3	SSM2038		VCO		$10.00
8	SSM2040		VCF		$25.00
2	SSM2047		VCA/VCF		$20.00
6	SSM2110		???		???
25	SSM2300		8 chan S/H	$15.00

Email me if you are interested.



Paul Messick | paul at maxmidi.com | http://www.maxmidi.com
Maximum MIDI: Music Applications in C++ ISBN:1-884777-44-9

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