1/4 plug,jack sources

David Lee mymoog at ix.netcom.com
Thu Mar 19 19:49:57 CET 1998

If you want to go cheaper try All Electronics. Although they aren't
switchcrafts I am happy with what I got from them. 

They have the following.

1/4 plugs for $.40 [10+]
1/4 NC open frame jacks for $.50 [10+]

As far as the cable, I purchased some locally at $.23 per foot(note: this
is for unbalanced 1+ shield cords). Someone else may be able to provide a
lead as to a good source for cable. 


(This place is also selling midi cables at $1.25 for a 6 footer.)


> From: Brett Duggan <bduggan at netcom.com>
> To: synth-diy at mailhost.bpa.nl
> Subject: Re: 1/4 plug,jack sources
> Date: Thursday, March 19, 1998 12:30 PM
> In the US, Full Compass (www.fullcompass.com) and Markertek 
> (www.markertek.com) are good places to get Neutrik and Switchcraft 1/4" 
> plugs and jacks at good prices.  Full Compass supposedly also carries G&H

> 1/4" plugs (under the Pro Co name) which cost even less than the 
> aforementioned brands, but are still good quality connectors.  It would
> be a good idea to check prices for connectors at your local pro audio
> Brett D
> > Hello all,  what have been your best sources for good 1/4 plugs and
> > for patch cords?  Anyone got any spares/surplus lying around that they
> > wouldn't mind parting with?  Hows about knobs too?
> > Thanks for any info,
> > ~Steve M.

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