phasers (was: Mutron)

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Is the Serge Wave Multiplier schematic to be found anywhere on the Web?  (If so where?)

I reviewed the patent described below.  There's much patent gobbledygook but if I read it correctly, the VC wave shaper is a simple circuit that can act as a voltage follower at one extreme of control voltage to full wave rectifier at the other extreme in a continuous fashion.  And it suggests that this can be done using an LM3900.  Do I understand this right?

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This has the entire patent (U.S. No. 4,306,480) viewable online.  It mostly
concerns itself with a guitar synthesizer-type device, but it has some nifty
applications for the LM3900.  Note:  the Serge Wave Multiplier secrets are
partially contained in this patent.

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