AW: phasers

Haible Juergen Juergen.Haible at
Wed Mar 18 15:50:46 CET 1998

Hi Joachim,

	>BTW, I did some reverse engineering on an MXR Phase 100, and
	>found that part of the all-pass stages are indeed fixed, just
	>as R.G. Keen suggested a while back.
	>The Phase 100 is a 10-stage device but the first two, and last
	>two stages are fixed. The six intermediate stages are variable,
	>and use linear opto-couplers as VC resistors. The feedback path
	>is made around the variable stages only, if memory serves. No
	>wonder it sounds different from most other phasers.
	>I'll make some images of the Matiné and Phase 100 schemos
	>next week.

This is interesting - I'm looking forward to see these circuits!
So the fixed stages are in the same chain as the variable stages ?
Then it's different to this other idea where a fixed line works
"against" a variable line fpr creating the notches ...
but waitaminute: do the fixed stages shift in the same direction 
as the variable ones?

Just a quick thought ...


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