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Y-ellow Milliams.
At 11:35 AM 3/17/98 EST, Milliams wrote:
>Does anyone know how to get the "slapback" kind of reverb? The kind that you
>hear in Sun studio records? Like Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash? I was listening
>to Depeche Mode's "Songs of Faith and Devotion" and they had this slapback in
>almost all of their songs. It sounded so right-on. When I worked in radio, I
>was able to get some high frequency slapback/feedback. I couldn't control the
>rate, though. I don't think this thing is spring reverb. It has to be
>something else.

It's delay you want not reverb. You could use some reverb in conjunction but
it very quickly becomes too muddy. Yamaha reverb units feature an algorithm
that's called "Early reflection that may be useful. Yamaha have some kind of
patent on it. But essentially speaking you are after a single delay. It's
the most basic thing you can do with vocal effects.

Hope this helps.

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