EMS - frontpanel - KC - Midi - CV

Ruediger Schmidt rudy at goethe.ger.nara-wu.ac.jp
Wed Mar 18 02:10:44 CET 1998

On Tue, 17 Mar 1998, Haible Juergen wrote:

> I think I'll give them a try with the EMS clone frontpanel.
Could I have some more info about EMS and frontpanels, please? I'm new to
this list, and a web search revealed only lots of medical pages ... ;-)

I would also like some info about the - what was it? - press-and-peel
thing.                                                 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And just one more question concerning keyboard controllers.
At a junk shop I bought a bare Panasonic keyboard, double contacts with
leading rubber(?), diode matrix.
This could be made into a Midi-keyboard, or even a keayboard controller
which directly produces the cv. Any advice and/or pointers to schems would
be appreciated. TIA.

Rudy S.

Ruediger Schmidt
Fachbereich Europaeische und		Department of European and
Amerikanische Sprache und Kultur	American Language and Culture
Frauen-Universitaet Nara/Japan		Nara Women's University, Japan

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