phasers (was: Mutron)

R.G. Keen keen at
Tue Mar 17 23:02:25 CET 1998

>The idea of using the FETs in a hex inverter wasn't entirely original,
>I saw it metioned in an old issue of Radio-Electronics magazine or
I think I still have a copy of that article. It was something like 
"IC's for Musical Use" or some similar.

>but I had never seen it applied to a phase shifter before
>or since.
The EH Bad Stone uses them this way, I believe.

>Ampeg wanted to get into the guitar stomp box business and ordered
>1000 phase shifters from us, these were black metal boxes with white
>printing on them labeled as the "Ampeg Phazer", but they decided later
>not to continue in that market.  (If anybody sees one of these
I don't have the box, but I believe that someone sent me a schematic.

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