Adhesives for Ferric Chloride

R.G. Keen keen at
Tue Mar 17 17:52:55 CET 1998

>I have come across a small problem.  I have been trying to find a adhesive
>that I can use in my Ferric Chloride tank.  Everything in the tank and the
>tank itself is plastic.  I have (had) a small structure inside that I was
>using to hold the PCB's in place, again all plastic.  The problem is that I
>can't keep it in place because everything that I try to use as a glue breaks
>down when submerged for a long time in Ferric Chloride.  Does anyone know of
>a adhesive that can glue plastics and still withstand the Ferric Chloride.
>Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Any solvent-based plastic "glue" actually dissolves the plastic and
then evaporates, leaving only the plastic again. Make your internal 
structure from acrylic (plexiglass or Perspex) and use the solvent

If you can't do that, silicon rubbers (RTV) will hold for a fair period
of time before giving up. You might be able to just reglue periodically.

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