Kenton 2000 = 5 CV Outs

Paul Schreiber synth1 at
Tue Mar 17 08:55:46 CET 1998

Kenton has announced a new firmware upgrade for the Pro2000 that uses the AUX outputs as CV/gate/triggers
(including S-Trig). All new units shipped since March 1 has this new firmware (version 4305.316). Now you
can get 5 different CV outs (volt/octave, not volts/hz).

If you have a Pro2000 and wish to upgrade, I will offer 2 methods:

a) EPROM only (you swap with the one inside) $35
b) Send it to me and I'll do it ($45 + postage)

Email for more information

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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