Patch matrix arrived

Bright Boy jdec at
Tue Mar 17 17:32:53 CET 1998

> more VCS3 modules are finished, and I just received the patchmatrix
> I've ordered from Ghielmetti in Switzerland. (
> I bought a 20 x 20 matrix
> which is slightly larger than the EMS one, but this is currently in
> production, and I got it one week after I've ordered it.

Along these lines, I was looking through my latest Digi-Key catalog
the other day and I noticed for the first time that they are carrying
Matrx Selector Switch assemblies, ala the ARP 2500 Modular, made by
a company called EDAC Inc.  Here's the sizes and prices:

20 x 40 	$341.46
10 x 20		$215.14
10 x 50		$341.46
48 x 58		$763.51

The sizes are listed as Positions x Slider Rails....

While these are quite expensive, they might be useful to someone
that owns an Arp 2500 or to some crazed DIYer that has money to burn....

Hope this information is useful....


Jeff R. Dec

P.S.  Digi-Key's phone number is 1-800-344-4539 and their WWW page is

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