Op-amp (Audio?) Cookbook

Steve Morrison tboy at firebottle.com
Mon Mar 16 21:15:25 CET 1998

On 16 Mar 98 at 17:39, Jeremy Brookes spewed:

> I've already got the IC Op-Amp Cookbook, but I heard somewhere that there's 
> an audio version of this book as well. Is this true? If so is it any good? 
> Is it still in print? Anyone have the details (ISBN, etc.)?

The first edition of IC Op-Amp Cookbook had a section on audio 
applications, but in later editions this was offered as a separate 
book, which is now out of print:

Audio Ic Op-Amp Applications
by Walter G. Jung
Published by H. W. Sams
Publication date: January 1987
ISBN: 0672224526
ISBN: 0672211610

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