Kitchen chemistry (was: Flux and FeCl)

Kevin Lightner majmoog at
Fri Mar 13 03:20:44 CET 1998

>OK, your choice! But has anybody tried using a rotating wire-brush.
>(the ones you can get for Dremel drills)
>I'll give it a chance, since its probably an alternative to either
>polluting the environment or damaging your health.

IMHO, that's far too abrasive.
And unless you wear a face mask, you could breathe in copper, lead and tin
dust into your lungs.
That could be bad healthwise too.
The steel brushes can also smear lead solder on a pcb causing a very low
resistive path to another conductor.

I use a Dremel (actually a jewelers flex shaft) and wire brushes all the
time, but usually for cleaning 1/4" jacks, etc.


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