TR-707 querys..

Andrew Schrock aschrock at
Thu Mar 12 17:15:30 CET 1998

On Thu, 12 Mar 1998, Mattias Nord wrote:
> Well it´s more to it than just having the box play some samples.. =)
> The whole idea that i have is to build my lp/bp/hp resonant filter and put one
> at
> each of the channels in the box.. And whamo you get a cheesey livemachine
> wich is´nt that expensive to build.. All in all it´s a matter of about 200$
> concidering
> Buying a used 707, switching roms, buying components and bulding the filters.

It's a cool idea... I would imagine that the rom samples could sound
really nice and strange through the filters. Very low-fi. It's been said
before, but I would imagine it would be easier to just hack together a
cheap sampling system... I've done something similar with my akai s900
w/trigger board, and you can pick them up pretty cheaply now. (if money is
the issue.. I know oftentimes I want to put together something just for
the sake of building it myself) 

Got my 2nd ASM-1 VCF working! Finally I know I'm not insane. 


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