TR-707 querys..

media at media at
Thu Mar 12 04:07:09 CET 1998

>suprise suprise, roland are like that... try asking if you can buy a
>schematic from them! you'll more likely to get a refund of the TAX man.

Actually, Roland will sell you schematics for $14.50.

Last I heard, there was a x0xbox mailing list.  Perhaps someone on there
would know how to replace the ROM's.

Then again, I'm not sure why anyone would bother to record new sounds for a
TR-707.   Unlike the cymbals in a 909, there are no controls on a 707 for
envelope decay or sample playback rate.  The sound ROM's are 4K 8-bit PCM
(or 32K 6-bit for the crash and ride), and if you were to replace the
sounds in this format they would have the same limitations of fidelity.  If
you just wanted to use the 707's sequencer with other sounds you could use
it to drive any MIDI sampler you want.

>If you or anyone has got an eprom from this beasty I wouldn't mind a
>copy to see if I can extract the sounds and make a module out of it!

Roland might sell them as parts or you could just buy a used 707 for a $100
or so and rip out its ROM :)  You can also find similar sounds on the Boss
Dr. Pad units.


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