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OK guys and gals - I know someone out there will be happy to see this - 

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Original Keyboard Subassemblies Manufactured for Moog by
  Pratt/Read. Feature Gold Plated buss bars and single J-Wire
  key contacts.Specified for the Micromoog (32 note F-C) Have
  Precision resistor packs (matched 100 ohm .1%) Great for
  replacement parts (keys fit many vintage keyboards i.e Arp,
  Oberheim, Moog, Sequential etc) or for projects.
  $30.00 each.

  Original NOS Power transformers for Moog
    Minimoog, Polymoog, Prodigy, Prodigy Export,
    Satellite/Minitmoog for sale.

  Moog Polymoog Polycom IC's for sale.

    Custom IC designed by Moog and used on each of the "Mod"
    cards on both the Polymoog Synth and Polymoog Keyboard.
    (74 per unit)Original Moog Part Number 949-040077-000
    DM8670N. Available in original IC tubes (20 to a tube)

  Contact Don Besecker
  DB Musical Electronics (Buffalo, NY)
  (716)894-9426 9:30-5PM M-F EST

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