Ferric Chlorid...

R.Fahl 8brain at spiritone.com
Wed Mar 11 05:40:03 CET 1998

One disadvantage of mail ordering etchants is that you have to pay UPS
serious fees for transporting the stuff.  I would recommend buying it
locally, if at all possible.

>In a message dated 98-03-10 20:28:41 EST, you write:
>> I'm trying to track this stuff down to burn my circuit boards, however,
>>  when I called digi-key and mouser they had no idea what I was talking
>>  about.  Where can I get this stuff?
>Mouser part # 5161 FECL-B    will get you a gallon of it for $18.99. They do
>not appear to sell in smaller quantities.  I never noticed before but Digikey
>doesn't seem to carry it.  Radio Slack sells 16ozs. for $3.49  rs# 276-1535.
>A gallon is a lot unless you are producing quite a few boards, 16 ounceses
>will do a few small boards.
>Hope this helps,

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