TR-707 querys..

Kevin Lightner majmoog at
Wed Mar 11 01:08:44 CET 1998

>Mattias said...
>Does anyone know if there is anyway of making your own ROM:s with
>homemade samples that the TR-707 can use? ..
>Does anyone have any thoughts about it etc?
>I reckon the best idea is to buy a second hand Akai S-01, and use that.
>These things are really cheap and it would save a lot of hassle. My bets are
>that the TR707 has all its sounds on one IC and its probably not erasable or
>replaceable. I may be wrong on this last bit, but I would still go for an

The sounds in the 707/727s are pretty heavily companded.

I've heard that in truth they are only 6 bit resolution.


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