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Mon Mar 9 22:07:48 CET 1998

At 10:55 PM 3/9/98 +1030, The Dark force of dance wrote:
>Y-ellow y'all.
>        I have here an original Yamaha CX5M DATA tape. That's the original
>tape that was supplied with the wonderful Yamaha CX5M music computer.
Haaah! Data Tape!!!! Remember when synths and sequencers and drum machines
needed those?

Actually, you should probably hold on to that tape. It might have some uses:

* Put it in your answering machine, freak out your friends.
* Sample it for your next techno recording.
* Forget sampling it, use the entire tape and boast that "This is the new
sound of techno."
* Get an acoustic (telephone reciever) modem play the tape into it, see
what happens.
* Slave your SMPTE track with the data tape, see what happens.
* Do a George Martin, cut up the tape, then splice the pieces together, and
then do the previous two suggestions.
* Put it in an envelope, leave it on someone's doorstep and see what happens.
* Pop it in your car stereo and show those teenagers a thing or two.
* Stick it in a tape recorder at your local college's language lab.
* Put it in a 4-track, play it in reverse and see if you can find any
secret messages.
* Play it in the background while going on HAM radio and say that you're a
pilot whose plane is in serious trouble
* Use it as a demo tape to get gigs.


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