MXR Phase100 photocells

jc jc at
Mon Mar 9 22:02:06 CET 1998

>BTW, would anyone happen to know what type of Vactrols the original
>Phase 100 used -- VTL5C3/2 or 5C4/2? (I'm still looking for the MXR

from looking at this busted Phase100 I have here it looks a lot like a
single LED dual center-taped photocell arrangement ... very similar to what
Mutron used in the III follower pedal except the photocells are totally
separate in that one ... in the Mutron-III clone I connected the diodes of
two NSL-32's in series and adjusted the driver gain ... I say this because
the diodes are connected in series also in the phase100 also, so this might
work if you're totally stuck ...


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