Boss Chorus/MXR Phaser

Joachim Verghese jocke at
Mon Mar 9 14:38:17 CET 1998

The Dark force of dance wrote:

> >As I remember, the trick is to add the wet signal to the dry one for
> >one of the stereo channel, and subtract the two for the other channel.
> The Chorus I have must be the CE-1. I think the CE-2 was already stereo.

Speaking of Boss Chorus units, does anyone have any info on the
CE-10? It looks just like the CE-1, and appeared around the same
time (mid '70s). My bet is that this is a "true stereo" version
of the CE-1, with separate BBDs for left and right channel, but I
could of course be mistaken.

As for phasers, I opened up a Dunlop re-issued MXR Phase 100 the
other day and found that it only has six all-pass stages. The
original Phase 100 was a 10-stage device, if memory serves.

The variable resistance elements in the Dunlop unit look a lot like
Vactrols, although they are labeled "NSL 39V31".

BTW, would anyone happen to know what type of Vactrols the original
Phase 100 used -- VTL5C3/2 or 5C4/2? (I'm still looking for the MXR


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