Introduction and strange module idea

Jim Johnson jamos at
Sun Mar 8 19:58:40 CET 1998

><< how about configuring six non-VC sawtooth
> oscillators, each with a sync input and tuning control, all sync inputs
> tied together, and all six outputs going to a simple mixer? >>
> I don't have a modular, but this sounds like it would be really great!
>Especially if each oscillator were panable and ran through a resonant
>of some sort. Maybe a phasing filter like the one on the Matrix12.

There is of course no limit to the crazy things you could do on the outputs
of such a module, but there might be limits of practicality. A single
output mixer is, IMHO, a good place to start. Other options would be
separate outs for each oscillator (probably in conjunction with the output
mixer), or  two 3-input mixers and A / B / A+B outputs.

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