EMF, April 10

Jeremy Warner jwarner at MIT.EDU
Sat Mar 7 02:00:45 CET 1998

On April 10 from 5pm until 1am come join 1000 of you fellow music
enthusiasts in a celebration of electronic music, technology, and culture
at MIT.

Featuring: innovative sounds to stimulate your cerebrum, technology to
titillate your telencephalon, visual magic to rewire your magnocellular
stream, and a complete caress of your corpus collosum.

And here's a taste of what it's about: the line-up for the experimental
room (in chronological order.)  All of these acts are LIVE unless otherwise
noted.  There will also be a room devoted to electronic dance music, and
that lineup will be posted in a future e-mail.

ENTROPY STRUCT - experimental ambient

ARASHI - acid jazz

JOHN VOIGT -  improvisational electronic interpretation of the double bass. 

"Voigt is totally enamored of his instrument, which he uses in the way a
primitive tribe might use their goats--nothing goes to waste. He uses every
physical element of the instrument, wood and strings alike. Voigt and his
music are intense and original, extreme musical sincerity and surprising

         --Len Lyons, author of The 101 Best Jazz Albums, and Jazz Portraits.

JAMES COLEMAN and ANDREW NEUMANN - theremin and live electronics.  James
Coleman is one of the most skilled thereminists currently alive.  The
theremin for those who don't know is an electronic instrument whose pitch
and frequency are shifted by movements of hands around antennae.

MUSIC FOR ISOLATION TANKS - experimental ambient.  "It's not ambient, it's
not noise, it's not techno, it's not just experimental yet it has elements
of all of these."  This night features the reunion of the complete band for
the first time in 2 years.  

BRYNMORE - drum 'n bass from space (DJ).

LIVESEXACT - electro audiovisual.  Fusing the realms of sound and vision
this act brings a truly multimedia interactive experience.

MARK NEUTRON - ambient to close out the night (DJ).

Audio by Strand Sound, Niteshade Sound System

Visuals by Noise Laboratories, Steve/dbl, Emile Tobenfield

If you would like to help out in any way, please let us know.  We need help
in promotion and we are still looking for exhibitors and artists to
participate.  That's all for now...look for more information coming your
way soon.  Visit the web page at http://niteshade.mit.edu but be forewarned
that there's not too much there right now.

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