wallwarts and regulation..

cyborg0 at GlobalEyes.net cyborg0 at GlobalEyes.net
Thu Mar 5 19:13:12 CET 1998

media at mail1.nai.net wrote:

 However, I wouldn't trust a wallwart to provide a steady voltage.
> Wallwarts are often intended to be used with devices that have their own
> voltage regulation and filtering.
Whoops.. yep, i learned that today.. I only hope I didnt fry my 3 dollar
ultra whiz bang 2-18v cmos 555 timer from texas instr.! 
I really thought that .2v pp ripple might be okay, but, i found out
otherwise this morning..
But, i have never had to use a wallwart to power anything before that
needed 13v supply...I dont even know how to go about regulating it to
13v.. Maybe if i just build a low-pass passive filter just to filter out
the 120hz ripple..Im really in a quandry, since i never had to do this..
anyone know of maybe a one chip solution to this, such as perhaps a
programmable 7805 type regulator?? I need something ultra low power, so
i can get it into the Oddy once its working properly..

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