CMOS 4098

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Fri Mar 6 06:31:06 CET 1998

At 5:39 PM -0800 03/05/98, John Speth wrote:
>It's a "DUAL MONOSTABLE MULTIVIBR" (multivibrator) as turned up
>by a web search.  Dunno if you can get 'em.

I couldn't find anything webwise.  Do you remember the URL??

At 10:45 PM -0500 03/05/98, Larry Kirn wrote:
>It's a dual one-shot, not particularly stable, made by RCA.  You might
>want to look at the 4538, made by Mot and others.  It's the same pinout,
>and quite a bit more predictable!

OK :)  I found a listing for the 4538 dual monostable multivibrator.  I
still wonder why this circuit uses one -- maybe being not particularly
stable keeps it from locking up or something.

I think I have some 4047 and similar TTL chips in my parts cabinet.  Then
again I'm not sure about a TLE2027, but I'm guessing its just an op-amp.
(If its not in IC Master it will be the subject of my next post :)

Eventually, I'll puzzle out how they get a stable voltage out of this thing
. . .



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