Cap labeling/replacement.

cyborg0 at cyborg0 at
Fri Mar 6 02:56:20 CET 1998

media at wrote:

> > if i put a larger value cap (the original says 250mfd, and the closest
> >i could find was 330ufd) could that possible cause a DC offset?
> How do you DC offset DC??

DUH!oops... i mean increase the voltage.. :))
> >I assume that it could only better the ripple rejection of the PS, but, once
> >again, thats textbook talking, and I dont have much faith in it lately!
> While I'm not led to believe that changing the value of the caps before the
> regulator by a small amount would make much difference, you want to make
> sure that it has an equivalent or better voltage rating.
Well, i messed around a little and tested the before/after dc signal,
and it did clean up the signal a little bit more, but not much..
Oh, yeah, the voltage question is an easy one, since 50v is always 50v,
and written as such! Thank god too..

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