wallwarts and regulation..

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Fri Mar 6 02:22:23 CET 1998

At 3:50 PM -0500 03/05/98, Tony Clark wrote:
>> There are dozens and dozens of voltage regulator chips available.  Still,
>> no one will tell me why a 7815/7915 isn't good enough for a modular . . .
>   Did someone say nay to this combo?  I'd imagine that they'd be quite
>good enough.

As I had understood it, such an opinion had been voiced on this list.  So
far, the consensus of private email is that 7815/7915 is just fine as long
as you don't need more current than they can provide.

>   For a minute I thought you were talking about 78L15/79L15s, which are
>TO92 cased regulators which were used on the likes of OB-X's.  These guys
>can only give 100mA out and were used to regulate +/-18V down to +/-15V
>on each voice board.  Quite a nice design feature, if you ask me.

That sounds nice to me too.  Using separate regulators would have better
ripple filtering than just using caps.  I'd image it would keep noise on
the rails of one module from disturbing another.   I don't think that most
modules would need more than 100mA, either.


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