Cap labeling/replacement.

Stopp,Gene gene.stopp at
Fri Mar 6 01:41:00 CET 1998

"mfd" is microfarads. Yes it seems incorrect. A 250 millifarad cap would
not fit on your Odyssey's power supply!

330 mfd would work fine. Just make sure that the voltage is the same or
higher than the original, like 35v to 35v or 35v to 50v. And don't put
it in with the polarity reversed - this will cause a nice big bang. Such
sounds are better coming out of the audio jack than the machine itself.

Too much bigger of a cap would place an inrush overload on the
rectifiers, but it would have to be many times bigger than the original.

 - Gene

From: cyborg0 at
To: synth-diy
Subject: Cap labeling/replacement.
Date: Thursday, March 05, 1998 1:48PM

HEREs my prob.

I am trying to replace a couple of caps in the PS of my Oddy, since the
ones in the ODDY are oozing badly these days..

OK, first question, the original electrolytics say "250mfd".. Now, I
always was taught that the convention was that all cap values were
listed in microfarads, but "250mfd" LOOKS like millifarads...What is it?

 if i put a larger value cap (the original says 250mfd, and the closest
i could find was 330ufd) could that possible cause a DC offset? I assume
that it could only better the ripple rejection of the PS, but, once
again, thats textbook talking, and I dont have much faith in it lately!

answers welcome!

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