Magnus Danielson magnus at analogue.org
Thu Mar 5 22:40:10 CET 1998

>>>>> "S" == Stopp,Gene  <gene.stopp at telematics.com> writes:

 S> Hi Roger,
 S> It's a good list - welcome!

 S> I can answer the ASM-1 part - you can see the contents of the included
 S> text document at the web site that Magnus Danielson has graciously put
 S> together for my project at:

 S> http://www.it.kth.se/~e93_mda/synths/companies/stopp/

May I point out that it was badly needed at the time I did it and
obviously much apprechiated. Gene was very helping in getting the info
into my hands.

 S> The schematics are there for the VCO and VCF, although I haven't looked
 S> at these myself yet. (Hey Magnus, how do you advise looking at them? I
 S> forget).

There are two free tools called Ghostscript and Ghostview. With these
you can view and print Postscript files. If you have a Postscript
printer you may just send it to it since it has the right format.

 S> I don't have the schematics in CAD or scanned form - they are
 S> hand-drawn. They come with the PCB when you order it, along with the
 S> text and some images of the PCB that show component placement.

 S> As for other modular projects, keep a lookout for Paul Schreiber's MOTM
 S> project as it unfolds. It sounds like it's gonna rank with the best
 S> systems ever offered, and maybe the best DIY ever. His system has the
 S> advantage of offering panels and parts as well as PCB's, with cabinets
 S> as icing on the cake.

I must agree, it seems like a very tasty project. (Hi Paul!)


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