Cap labeling/replacement.

cyborg0 at cyborg0 at
Thu Mar 5 19:48:51 CET 1998

HEREs my prob.

I am trying to replace a couple of caps in the PS of my Oddy, since the
ones in the ODDY are oozing badly these days..

OK, first question, the original electrolytics say "250mfd".. Now, I
always was taught that the convention was that all cap values were
listed in microfarads, but "250mfd" LOOKS like millifarads...What is it?

 if i put a larger value cap (the original says 250mfd, and the closest
i could find was 330ufd) could that possible cause a DC offset? I assume
that it could only better the ripple rejection of the PS, but, once
again, thats textbook talking, and I dont have much faith in it lately!

answers welcome!

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