Milliams Milliams at aol.com
Thu Mar 5 04:22:26 CET 1998

Hi! My name is Roger and I just subscribed to the list. I have been a keyboard
player for several years, but have been relatively oblivious as to how my
equipment works. I have never played an analog keyboard nor have I even SEEN a
modular unit in real life! I have always wanted to have analog equipment
(after hearing recordings). But this stuff is so expensive! Also I just want
to build this stuff myself. I have an interest in electronics in general and
music is a great place to start for me. 
I have a few questions if anybody could answer them for me:
-1) How do I print or download the ASM-1 schematics/manual
-2) Are ther any other modular projects out there?
-3) Are there any members from Minnesota out there?
Thanks bye!

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