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Thu Mar 5 01:07:22 CET 1998

>My main questions for those better electronics

Well, I ain't no electronics expert!!

>1) The LEDs. I'm not sure if they will actually do what I am thinking it
>should do. Is the LED placement correct? (e.g. after the resistor,
>direction facing towards the + voltage) If not, I'd like to know.

The placement of the resistor doesn't matter -- it is there to restrict
current through the diode -- so you can place it on either side of the LED.

I don't know what you mean by "facing the voltage" but you want the anode
(arrow side in a schematic) on the "positive" side, and the cathode on the
ground side such that the current flows to ground (with the arrow in the
schematic pointing in the direction of the current).

Vcc, B+, whatever --------->|-------wwwww------- Ground

                          diode       10K

>2) I tested this thing using a 10V battery on a computer analog circuit
>simulator program
>(without the LEDs or switches). As such, I may have gotten a couple of
>things wrong when converting to what is going to be as close to a 10V
>wallwart as I can (specifically ground and + voltage placement)... is it

>From what I can tell you have several voltage dividers with a fixed
resistor on one side and a variable resistor on the other -- that should
work.  However, I wouldn't trust a wallwart to provide a steady voltage.
Wallwarts are often intended to be used with devices that have their own
voltage regulation and filtering.

>Any other general device would be appreciated. Thanks. (:

Well, yr emoticon is reverse biased -- smiles go this way :)


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