Samples of ASM-1?

Magnus Danielson magnus at
Wed Mar 4 23:30:00 CET 1998

>>>>> "TA" == TekLab Account <daw-l at> writes:

 TA> Hi again,
 TA> Well I was just wondering if any ASM-1 owners had any interest in sending
 TA> me their funky ASM-1 samples, sort of to give me inspiration as I build mine?

 TA> It struck me just now that it's sorta funny I'm building the ASM1 even though
 TA> I have *very* little idea for how it sounds... I've heard the samples on Roy
 TA> Tate's web page and listened to Troy Sheet's MPEG3's, but... is there 
 TA> *anything* else out there, or would anyone be interested in sending me a few
 TA> samples of some of the sounds they've made with the ASM1? 

Which reminds me...

If people would send me URLs or the actual files I would be happy to
add samples to the ASM-1 homepage... it has been lacking this a long

If people has pictures or even webpages about the ASM-1s I can add
them too... could help people get ideas :)

 TA> Kinda geeky, I know, but I'm really getting into this project and it'd be
 TA> fun to hear some "ASM1 sounds of the future" as I'm building this thing... It's
 TA> my first big homemade 'real' Analog synth (after the FatMan, of course)...

I hadn't heared a tone when I built my first ASM-1...


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