MOTM breadboard cost/update

cyborg0 at cyborg0 at
Wed Mar 4 19:26:49 CET 1998

Paul Schreiber wrote:
> However, only 3 people have expressed interest. I need to sell at least 26 to break even. So unless I hear back
> with more requests, I'll hold off until later. FYI: the break-even point for me on most of the modules is 23-26
> pieces. But I'm not worried (yet!). Again: as long as I DON"T LOSE money, I'll continue to produce. Believe me,
> I can EASILY make 25 different modules.
4 ppl now have expressed interest... Whats the cost for the first
module? Let me know what i need to buy and the transaction is good as
done.. :)

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