ribbon controllers

John Blacet blacet at metro.net
Wed Mar 4 10:57:40 CET 1998

I've tracked down a source of ribbon controllers. They do not want to
sell to individuals, BUT they were interested in selling some to a
"hobby" distributor (like Blacet Research of course ;).

I'll have some more info later but it looks like it would be a 6" long
10K ohm sealed unit with a ribbon connector 2-4" long. The device is
open circuit until touched and the resistance span is linear. It comes
with a self adhesive backing.

There is the possibility of a 50K ohm unit also.

At this point, I could use some feedback on who would be interested. The
price is pure speculation but $10-15 each in singles might be a good

E-mail if you could use some. (I'm not taking orders yet, just counting



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