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Fraser, Colin J Colin.Fraser at
Wed Mar 4 18:01:57 CET 1998

Last week I said:

>I wonder if it would be possible to build a hybrid
>delay, with a long digital delay and short bbd in series - 
>the theory being that if the bbd overloads long before the
>digital delay, then you end up with an analogue sounding

This week I tested this out.
I hooked up an Aria mn3005-based analogue delay in series with my Zoom
1202 with both delays set for zero feedback, then added a feedback loop
from the output of the  Zoom to the Aria (I fed the Zoom into a channel
on my desk and used Aux send to the Aria for feedback).
Results were excellent - normal delay sounds had all the character of
the analogue delay, but with delay times over a second. High feedback
gave the same crescendo of noise I'd expect from the analogue too,
although varying the delay time on the Zoom seemed to go in smalls steps
as opposed to the Aria's smooth change. I also had a great time using
the mid sweep eq on my desk to bring the delay in and out of the point
of infinite feedback, and make cool warping noises...

Anyway - I'll be building a purpose designed delay unit like this as
soon as I get round to it. 


Colin f

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