MOTM breadboard cost/update

Paul Schreiber synth1 at
Wed Mar 4 00:27:09 CET 1998

The custom 'Vectorboard' in the MOTM form factor with power cable will be $30. So I wasn't too far off.

However, only 3 people have expressed interest. I need to sell at least 26 to break even. So unless I hear back
with more requests, I'll hold off until later. FYI: the break-even point for me on most of the modules is 23-26
pieces. But I'm not worried (yet!). Again: as long as I DON"T LOSE money, I'll continue to produce. Believe me,
I can EASILY make 25 different modules. I want to start adding small uP based stuff as well. For 
example, I want to make a 'Programmer' that has like 12 CV out pots. You set each pot to a CV, and it
stores them in EEPROM. Has the usual LED display, etc. You can then step through the programs,
so you have a sequencer of sorts as well. Also toying with using rotary encoders.

Another wierd one is a version I did for the University of Texas Moog 55 system. It is a box about the size of a
VCR tape. It has a groove cut into it 1" wide and 8" long. Inside are IR transmitters/receivers scanning
down the groove. You stick a finger in there and it breaks the beams. A simple TTL circuit generates
the gate/trigger/CV out like a keyboard. People found this amusing.

BTW: the first batch of sheet metal was signed off today. It should arrive around the 17th-20th. One that day I will begin to accept orders (shipping will be about 7 days after that). All of the pricing info, subscription info, bonus points,
blah blah blah will be at on March 10th. It will be in PDF format for downloading. If any of you
can't do PDF, I'll have a 'plain text' version as well.

I ordered 25 pairs of the 'stringer bars' for installing the modules in 19" racks. It's 10U across. The bars are 11ga.
steel, so they are plenty strong. They are exactly 0.500 inches wide, so you can butt 2 of them horizontially
and stack modules vertically as well. 

The cabinet maker for the 'Moog 55' cases is out of doctor's care, so in about 10 days I will build up the 9 cases
for those of you that expressed interest in them. They will be (probably) 24U across (about 46" total length).
They will use the 'stringer bar' concept as well, but re-tooled specifically for the wood case.

Getting quite excited/nervous this week! Noise pc boards due on Thursday. Know I know how Gene Stopp feels.

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology
(expectant father pacing in the waiting room)

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