CMOS 15v MAX Vss finally?

cyborg0 at cyborg0 at
Wed Mar 4 01:22:00 CET 1998

Magnus Danielson wrote:

>  EaSED> 2. Assume all 4000A and 4000B are usable from 3v to 15v.
> At least RCA's 4000A will only accept 12V as recommended Vss!

ECG makes ALL the 4xxxxB series, and they gladly handle 3-15 volts... A
little pricey, but well worth the money when it saves me all the
gobbledeygook of trying to find someone else who has them...
They will definetely make my analog sequencer add-ons much easier ie
step delay/advance, slide up/down, gate time, etc..

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