Trapezoid. Pitch Ribbon, 2mm connectors

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Tue Mar 3 09:44:00 CET 1998

Y-ellow Juergen 'n' y'all.
        As it happens, I've got 4 VCS3 type pin matrixes. Used but in good
nick. I don't know whether to keep them and use them for something or maybe
sell them. I've only got 6 working pins and they are the straight through
connection types. I've had 'em for years and I paid a more than fair price
for them at the time. I had this idea of building a mixer that used them to
combine and distribute channels using them. I had all but forgotten about
them till I was looking through one of the sheds the other day.

I don't recall the number of holes in the VCS3 ones exactly but these are 22
square. That number rings a bell with the VCS3. Or was it 26 square?

Oops I realize I've only got 4 working pins. There are actually 12 all
together but 8 of them are snapped off for what it's worth. Are these pins
hard to obtain/expensive?

Anyway I'm wondering what I should do with them.

Also I'd be interested in seeing the filter circus from the VCS3 if it's
kicking around the net anywhere?

Thanks in advance.

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