Magnus Danielson magnus at
Mon Mar 2 22:04:28 CET 1998

>>>>> "EaSED" == Eric at Svetlana Electron Devices <svetengr at> writes:

 >>> Still lacking a replacement source for some 74C components that needs
 >>> to run of +12 V... the 74HC familly isn't much of a help. Anyone
 >>> remember the 74C familly?

 EaSED> Having been messing with CMOS logic since 1973, I hav made that
 EaSED> same mistake many times.

 EaSED> Here are a few easy things to remember:

 EaSED> 1. Assume all 74C, 74HC, 74HCT etc. are meant for 5v only.

Hmm... so 74C where only 5V? Could you maybe crosscheck it (pleeease)?
Then I could maybe replace them with 74HC...

 EaSED> 2. Assume all 4000A and 4000B are usable from 3v to 15v.

At least RCA's 4000A will only accept 12V as recommended Vss!

 EaSED> 3. There are a few 74HC4000 types--assume they are 5v only.


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