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Mon Mar 2 05:50:51 CET 1998

Paul Schreiber wrote:
> It depends on WHICH CMOS.
> The old Motorola MC14000 series could go to +18V. The newer 74HCxxxx is +5V, EXCEPT on some of the
> analog mux chips 74HC4051, etc. They can take +-7.5V.
> 4000 series was (is??) amazing stuff. The 4007 was used in lots of EM gear as a VC resistor. I built a 24 channel
> data acquisition circuit that had 141 4000 series chips in it that the total power used was 7ma!!
> Paul Schreiber
HUH??!? Dammit... i just got a conflicting story out of my
textbook...two of them..(i ended up dropping my first digital class and,
of course, was FORCED to buy a different textbook the next semester by a
diff. publisher) and they both contradict themselves as far as what
voltage this stuff can handle...In one place is says "ALL 74CXX series
cmos can handle up to 18V Dss" then, somewhere else they show a circuit
design and talk about the circuit only able to withstand 5.5v... What
the hell..I know why the instructors strayed from this subject enough to
leave me with questions..

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