New to the list

Ruediger Schmidt rudy at
Mon Mar 2 04:10:15 CET 1998

Hello all,

As I'm new to this list I would like to introduce myself: I'm into
electronics as a hobby for more than 20 years now, having built a rather
complex organ and several sound organs, but I'm interested in synthesizers
as well.
Lately this interest has shifted a bit towards percussion synthesizers,
but I want to build a synth in the near future. 
I've been reading some postings about that ASM-1, so if someone please
could tell me whether schems for it are available and where...

Rudy S.

Ruediger Schmidt
Fachbereich Europaeische und		Department of European and
Amerikanische Sprache und Kultur	American Language and Culture
Frauen-Universitaet Nara/Japan		Nara Women's University, Japan

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