AW: MOTM Jack-a-mania

media at media at
Fri Jan 30 18:05:25 CET 1998

>	>My drawback against 1/4" is the patch cables are a) heavy b)
>expensive c) expensive d) >expensive
>Hmm, I use these HOSA 1/4" cables a lot. They come in various lenghts,
>various colors (easy to track a patch), they are neither heavy nor
>stiff, and they are so cheap that I don't care soldering cables myself

I have to agree that 1/4" is the way to go.  First off, 1/4" patch cables
are not expensive, dozens of companies make them, and everyone already has
piles of them in their studio.

Secondly, it is very hard to find high quality 1/8" cables.  With 1/4" you
can buy cables in almolst any price range and configuration.  If you want
foil shielded cables with miniature plugs you have to build them yourself
or get them  made to order (which is more expensive than buying 1/4" off
the rack).

The trouble with bannana and miniature phone jacks is that you need
adapters for the rest of the world.  I'm sure many people out there have
another modular or semi-modular (like an MS-20 or EML-100) that uses 1/4"

>Lastly, several have asked about the power supply. I am using a
>pre-assembled, 723-based supply that is
>UL listed, 110/220V, and you can get them from 10 different people. They
>are +-12V @1A.

Would these modules also work with a +-15V supply??


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