MOTM Front Panel 'look'

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Wed Jan 28 20:44:42 CET 1998

>So, this means either wider modules, or I would split-up the designs into
>small, cheaper modules. So the
>first MOTM modules, in a Moog environment, would something like
>S/H & Noise
>Ring Mod
>Mic/Instrument Pre-amp & Compressor
>Cross-Product (double-wide)
>I could offer "more" modules, at a LOWER average price. Note that the
>TOTAL investment would be about 15%
>MORE over time.....just smaller chunks!

>Moog Scheme - first module would average $85, there are 5 = $425
>Flat panel - 3 modules, average $120 = $360

17/8 = 2.125

I say more, smaller, less expensive modules!!  I have always thought that
the modules had too many functions and were too expensive.  Having more
functions on each module makes them harder to service.  Smaller modules are
much easier to fit and swap around.

Further, many of your potential customers already have gear and may not
want all of your modules.  Why should I have to buy a mic pre to get a ring
modulator??   It looks like buying modules I don't want makes up for the
extra cost of the smaller size.

It would also make it easier to keep up with the program.  I don't know how
many people can afford to build a large module every month.

Is there a way to mount these Moogish panels in an enclosed metal chassis??

Will you offer blank panels??  I'm sure people will like to mix in utility
panels and modules of their own design.

I couldn't care less if they looked like Moog or not, although I like your
idea of Moog knobs as I have them on my Moog and some things of my own that
I have built.

Imho, any simple, elegant design would be fine.  Black and "silver" or
black and white is best, if you need a third color try royal blue (EML,
api, Lexicon) or grey.  I don't like beige, but it is alot better than the
purple Apogee uses.  Please, avoid anything gaudy.  Have you seen the
Focusrite Green series?!?  It's worse than those ART surfer designs from
the 80's :/


"The problem with early synthesizers was that they produced
 very square waves in every sense of the word."
                                          -- David Vorhaus

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