Antilog potmeter

Ingo Debus debus at
Wed Jan 28 12:11:39 CET 1998

The Dark force of dance wrote:
> You would need to obtain the fairly rare, _Anti-log_
> taper pots to give a reasonable range of adjustment from maximum to minimum.

Rare? I couldn't get them anywhere yet. Maybe as a replacement part from
mixing console manufacturers, I didn't try that.

But I've found a way to get anti-log potmeters for my SSM2017-based
microphone preamps:
Use a Piher PC16 log potmeter, drill carefully a few mm deep with a 4mm
drill into the back until the plastic shaft can be pulled out. Then
drill very caryfully a little further, but *not all-way through*. The
shaft has sort of a little cog wheel at its end. If you drill too deep,
there is nothing left this cog wheel can "grip" into.
Now it can be inserted at the back side of the potmeter. It is quite
stable if you didn't drill too deep.
Of course, the potmeter cannot be front panel mounted in the usual way
anymore. But it can be mounted on a pcb parallel to the front panel.


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