CEM3360 for sale

Paul Schreiber synth1 at airmail.net
Wed Jan 28 08:49:59 CET 1998


I have been ofered some 'new in the tube' CEM3360 VCAs. These are mainly used in the MemoryMoogs, P5s
OB-xa, and OB-8s (but can be found in a few others). As you are aware, these are 1) very hard to find and
2) tend to blow more than the other CEM chips (with the exception of the 5530 in a VS).

If you are REALLY REALLY interested in purchasing some (I can get up to 400pcs, depending on demand)
please send me private email with how many.

The cost will be

2-49 = $19ea
50+ = $18ea

IF I get firm commitments for at least 150 of them. Otherwise, I can get a smaller quantity, but add $3ea to the
above prices.

duh, you have to get 2 as a min order.

These are NOT recommended for new designs, unless you have a little sadistic streak.

Paul Schreiber
Synthesis Technology

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