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JOANN K SMITH (11:02 PM 1/27/98) wrote:

>I've got an idea. I'll make a trade with this mailing list. If 
>someone tells me how to get off of this mailing list then i will tell 
>why i asked. i think it will be in your favor to hear it. until then..

Okay, I'll bite...

The 2600 is a quasi-modular normalized-yet-patchable synthesizer. Three
VCOs, VCF, VCA, 1 AR, 1 ADSR, S&H, variable noise source, pre-amp, envelope
follower, various CV modifiers, reverb, and a couple of other things.

Very popular in the earlyish days of Weather Report (Joe Zawinul), Genesis
(Tony Banks), Edgar Winter and others.

Great machine... Depending on model and condition is worth up to $1600,
more likely worth around $1200.

Some pics...

And then... To get off of the list, send email:

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Your turn... :)


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